image by Jenny Nelson



This is me, Danielle, I'm a New England-based designer, stylist, planner and crafter of heartfelt environments. Good Look’n was born out of my passion for community and the hopes of bringing good people together to share, to love and to grow.

I collaborate with clients in the design of opportunities, or rather moments in time where life’s most intimate connections are free to take shape. As a culture we thrive when we connect, when we experience true connection, we expose ourselves to compassion, happiness and most importantly, inspiration.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"

I started out as an Interior Designer, graduating from the Boston Architectural College where I learned how to develop design concepts, effectively communicate these ideas and develop them into three-dimensional form. While I enjoyed my experience working within the architectural realm, I craved a more hands on approach to design. My interests in the event industry grew and I sought out as many opportunities to learn as much as I could from all avenues in this fast paced culture of the design world. Over the next few years, I worked with freelance floral designers, large corporate event operations, wedding consultants, and prop stylists up and down the east coast. It’s been an incredible adventure of learning, growth, and connection! I am so thankful to have had such strong advisors and mentors who took me under their wing, molded me, and shared with me everything they know. True connections! 

Instilled in me is a spirit of creativity, an eye for beauty and the skills to bring your ideas to life. To have found one’s niche in the world is a most wonderful and fulfilling pursuit and to be involved in the design of your unique event is, for me, a dream come true! 

XO Danielle McGee