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Good Look’n is an events design house, focusing on the creation of artistic environments for gatherings to blossom into memorable, heartfelt experiences. We live in a spirit of craftsmanship, dependent on the quality and innovation of local goods and services to aid in the development of our designs. We’re really into fireside chats, laughing till our cheeks hurt, farm-to-table, sweet beats, vintage goods, and handcrafted details.

Our services

We begin by understanding and developing a personal style for your unique story. We explore these ideas through the presentation of color, texture, and typography. Concept design, decor, and styling work together to produce a one of a kind cohesive event.


Our goods

Props + Furnishings + Containers : Good Look’n is happy to offer our hand picked, well-loved, reclaimed and re-purposed furnishings. Add charm, character and style with our unique collection of vintage goods!



to collaborate with clients in the design of opportunities or rather, moments in time where life’s most intimate connections are free to take shape.